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Pardis Hava Rayehe Company Began Its Research In The Domain Of Designing And Manufacturing Air Purifiers Since 1995 In Mashhad And Produced The First Generation Of The Company’s Air Purifiers Using The Modern Technology Of Bipolar Ionization In 1999. Granting A Patent For An Air Freshener With The Unique Feature Of Neutralizing Unpleasant Smell In Early’s, Pardis Hava Rayehe Company Started Up A Manufacture Line For This Category Of Products Under The Brand Trade Of Atrineh In Iran. With The Expansion Of Market Demand And The Necessity To Increase The Capacity And The Diversity Of The Products, Manufactory Of The Company Has Developed In Kavian Industrial Town With The Production Capacity Of 400 Tons Of Freshener Yearly. Subsequent To The Development Of The Market In The Early 10’s, Pardis Hava Rayehe Company Practiced Expansion Of The Variety Of Its Products, In Such Way That It Is Manufacturing 36 Types Of Different Products Now. The Products And The Services Of The Company Enjoy Perceptible And Significant Benefits Which Resulted In Facile Utilization And Lower Costs For Different Spaces Comparing With Those Of Analogous Companies. Also The Varied Utilization Of These Products In Different Spaces, Such As Personal And Domestic Uses To Industrial And Organizational Uses Have Put These Products Into Wide Attention From Everyone. Europe Union Standard, ISO 14001 Certificate, 9001 Certificate, 10004 Certificate, Patent Certificates, Various Endorsements By Related Organizations And Achieving Various Awards In The Areas Of Management, Entrepreneurship And The Quality Of The Products Are A Number Of Honors Of This Company.

Our Goals

The Most Important Strategy Of The Company Is Innovation, Enhancing The Manufacture Process And Creating Products With Superior Quality. Also Identifying The Customers And Realizing Their Demands, Enhancing The Knowledge Level And The Skills Of The Staff Is Another Qoal Of The Company. On The Other Hand The Presence Of Foreign Rivals On The Market, Has Been A Reason To Add A Strategic Goal To The Other Goals Of The Company To Emphasize More And More On The Quality So That The International Rivals Could Not Easily Take Big Parts In The Market.

Organizational Values

Realizing The Customers’ Demands And Supplying Their Requirements With Offering High Quality Products.

Consideration Of The Skills And The Capabilities Of The Staff As A Source Of Contemplation And Innovation In The Company.

Offering Distinguished Services To The Customers By Optimization, Innovation And Quality In Services And Products.

Our Perspective

Focusing On The Development And The Promulgation Of Utilizing Air Surveillance Devices For Incrementing The Personal Level And The Social Level, We Are Up To Offering The New Services And Products In The Area Of Purifying And Aromatizing Air To All The Community Of This Aging Land.
Also Development Of Entrepreneurship In Order To Make A Great Iran Is Another One Of The Company’s 10-Year Perspectives.

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