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Considering Its Brilliant Background In The Area Of Producing Devices For Air Surveillance, Pardis Hava Rayehe Company Has Prospered In Serving Hundreds Of Customers And Met Their Satisfactory In The Best Possible Way.
We Thrived To Enhance The Quality Of This Industry And Take Big Steps In This Domain.
Respecting The Customers Is The Inseparable Part Of The Goals Of Atrineh Group And We Believe That Presenting A Service Is Not The End Of The Work, But The Beginning Of A Commitment For The Relief Of The Customers.
Below Is A List Of A Part Of Pardis Hava Rayehe Company’s Honors.

Atrineh Freshener

The Only Holder Of The Four Star Excellent Symbol For Health, Safety And Environment In The Country

Atrineh Freshener

Selected In The Second National Health Centered Industry Festival

Atrineh Freshener

Global Congress Of Commitment To Excellence And Superior Quality In The Third Millennium

Atrineh Freshener

Congress Of Economical Resistance, Scientific And Practical Jihad

The First Conference Of Electronic Commerce Of The University Of Applied Sciences

Atrineh Freshener

Global Congress Of Entrepreneurship Legends And Competent Iranian Managers

Atrineh Freshener

Selected In The Conference Of Business And Entrepreneurship Perspective The 1404 Horizon

Consultation With The Experts Of Atrineh

You Can Count On Consultation Services Of Atrineh.

Considering Your Demands And Your Objectives, We Will Recommend You The Best Solution.

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